Gas Treatment Processing Technology

Research for developing advanced core processing design technology for gas treatment required to utilize new energy such as DME, GTL, SNG, and unused gases(flaring gas, tail gas, etc.) and to reduce greenhouse gas emission (CCS technology).

DME Material Pre-Treatment Technology

  • Gas separation technology for DME synthesis. It is a technology to separate methane from raw gas containgin carbon dioxide. And produced pure methane is the main components for DME synthesis, from various unused gases; it is a pre-treatment processing technology for DME materials combined with various materials including CBM, Biomass(BTL), coal(CTL), etc.

CCS Core Processing Design Technology

  • Carbon dioxide recovery/liquefaction technology, CO2 pipeline transporting process and acid gas removing process in IGCC/SNG technology were developed to reduce greenhouse emission.

Research Accomplishments

  • Completed development and testing on membrane-applied CO2 separation film processing system(25Nm3/h)
  • Developed CO2 recovery and liquefaction plant technology (20Nm3/h)
  • Developed processing design technology for storing, transporting and injecting CO2
  • Optimal design for IGCC/SNG unit processing (700,000 ton SNG / 500MW IGCC)

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