We will make a new leap forward to become on of the top energy technology companies, by creating values and earning trust from clients

Korea Gas Technology Corporation was established in 1993, financed by Korea Gas Corporation in 1993 to have reliable and safe natural gas supply facility. We are a company specializing in natural gas facility technologies.

Since its establishment KOGAS-Tech has grown into the best company in natural gas sector contributing to expand the use of natural gas as a fuel for the nation. By doing so, we have realized thorough preventive inspection and maintenance process on natural gas production &supply facility

Also, we succeeded in domestically designing LNG storage facility, which is a high value added technology, not to mention the maintenance know-how on natural gas facility. Based on our know-how from a number of projects we have undertaken, we are now venturing into overseas market and developed new technologies in the process.
We still make a continuous effort to become a leader in energy technology sector.

KOGAS-Tech's Major Business Areas

  • Works relevant to gas facility maintenance/repair, remodeling construction, etc.
  • Safety Inspection and Maintenance on Gas pipeline
  • Engineering Consulting Service for Plant Projects
  • Any project relevant to Maintenance / Repair of Plant Facility, Remodeling Construction Works (including gas facility construction), etc.
  • Construction Supervision
  • Overseas Projects, Research & Development, Incidental Projects and Investment to subsidiary companies

KOGAS-Tech at a Glance

KOGAS-Tech at a Glance
Corporate Body Classification Government Institution
Authority in Charge Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Establishment May 27th, 1993
Number of Employees 1,277(as of June, 2015)
Sales KRW 191.1 billion(2014)
Net Income KRW 14.7 billion(2014)
Authorized Capital KRW 15 billion

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