LNG Facility Management Technology

KOGAS-Tech is the best company specialized in natural gas facility and maintenance. The company develops LNG facility management/maintenance technologies and advanced technologies for better reliability and stability to contribute to stable natural gas supply.

Lifecycle Assessment, Estimation Technology

  • Supporting strategic decision-making on facility improvement, replacement and disposal reflecting overall lifecycle of the facilities through optimal LNG facility maintenance technology. Establishing lifecycle assessment standard for main LNG facilities and developing optimal maintenance plans through remaining lifespan estimation technology as long-term operating LNG facilities increase.
    Collecting data (Historical Data), Monitoring Data, Analysis Data) / Drawing information(Knowledge Based Systems, Personnel Experience) / Improvement  (Inspections, Procedural adjustments) Remaining lifespan estimation  → Strategic decision-making → Establishing optimal maintenance plant
  • Establishing natural gas LNG production base core facility lifespan information data base; developing Engineering Asset Management) Solution technology along with intelligent diagnosis and prognosis technology

CNG Quality Securing Technology

  • Developing movable sampling equipment and quantitative analysis techniques to analyze oil content in CNG that may affect performance of auto parts and engines and exhaust gas to maintain the quality of natural gas transported in the country

Developing CNG Oil Transference Analyzing Equipment

  • Developing movable oil content measuring equipment for measuring compressor oil(transferred to vehicle when charging fuel at CNG fueling station) content and quantitative analysis
CNG oil transference analyzing equipment

Establishing and Developing CNG Oil Transference Quantitative Analysis Technique and the Procedure

  • Establishing oil content quantitative analysis methodology and standard procedure using gravimetric method
CNG flow

Research Accomplishments

  • Establishing standards for high pressure LNG facility lifespan assessment(HP ORV)
  • Developing high pressure LNG pump remaining lifespan estimation system
  • Developing CNG oil transference analysis equipment and establishing quantitative analysis procedure (2 patents)
  • Establishing DB for CNG charging station oil transference analysis(6 CNG charging stations nationwide)

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