Engineering Service

1. LNG storage tank business

LNG Storage Tank

LNG storage tank is a special structure to store LNG of ultra-low temperature at -165℃; only a few companies worldwide are capable of designing LNG storage tank.

Korea Gas Technology Corporation is the only company in the country that designs LNG storage tank. The company designs 200,000㎘/270,000㎘/280,000㎘ tanks, which is the largest scale in the world.

Korea Gas Technology Corporation completed design localization for 9% NI-type LNG storage tank in 2000; successfully designed 57 LNG tanks and 15 chemical plant low temperature tanks(ethylene, etc.) in the country(Tongyoung, Pyeongtaek, Incheon, Samcheok, Boryeong, Gwangyang station) and overseas(Mexico, Singapore, Thailand, China); and currently operating various projects in Korea and overseas for LNG storage tanks and chemical plant low temperature tanks.

2. LNG production base business

LNG 생산기지 이미지

LNG production base is to obtain, unload and store LNG from overseas and to produce and transfer natural gas. The station is comprised of many gas plant facilities.

Korea Gas Technology Corporation designs and oversees cargo facilities, process facilities, utility facilities, which are main facilities in a production station; and establishes engineering capabilities for gas plant facilities to grow as a company that provides total solution for energy design.

3. Natural gas main piping / supply station business

천연가스주배관/공급관리소 이미지

Natural gas produced in LNG production base is supplied to many power stations and homes through 4,931Km nationwide main piping and 412 supply stations.

Korea Gas Technology Corporation supervises piping, supply stations and facilities for high pressure natural gas to extend natural gas supply and to facilitate use of natural gas.

4. Other engineering businesses

기타 엔지니어링 이미지

The company invests in eco-friendly alternative energy and renewable energy by designing production facility for the next generation alternative energy, DME(Di-Methyle Ether), NGH(Natural Gas Hydrate), CNG and LCNG and designing hydrogen charging station to become a future-oriented energy company.

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