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Visual Style

Spanner representing technology, Design with the company CI,  Face of bright, positive attitude,Large eyes with confidence and a sense of responsibility, Promoting brand with the helmet with the CI on, Blue symbolizes safety, reliability, a sense of responsibility
			and the brand, Simplified character represents technicians

Key words

키워드에 대한설명이며 친근함, 아이덴티티, 기술/안전/신뢰에 대한 내용 제공
Friendly Identity Technology/Safety/Trust
  • Face showing bright, positive attitude
  • Appearance of the character of cute and friendly nature
  • The uniform in brand color shows the brand identity
  • The shape of the spanner resembles the company logo and symbolizes the brand and technologies of the company
  • Blue represents safety, trust and a sense of responsibility and it fits the brand image

Color System

Color System

Character Art

  • 캐릭터 응용동작-01
  • 캐릭터 응용동작-02
  • 캐릭터 응용동작-03
  • 캐릭터 응용동작-04
  • 캐릭터 응용동작-05
  • 캐릭터 응용동작-06
  • 캐릭터 응용동작-07
  • 캐릭터 응용동작-08
  • 캐릭터 응용동작-09
  • 캐릭터 응용동작-10

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