Production Facility Maintenance

Production facility maintenance

Production bases are the core facilities for natural gas supply that perform nationwide supply by storing and evaporating LNG transported from other countries. Korea Gas Technology Corporation realizes the optimal running in 4 branches in Pyeongtaek, Incheon, Tongyeong, Samcheok and Jeju through rigorous prevention/inspection/maintenance on LNG production facilities.
Customized maintenance through facility diagnosis and malfunction analysis contributes to stable running of the facilities.

  • Pyeongtaek basePyeongtaek base
  • Incheon production basIncheon production base
  • Tongyeong production base Tongyeong production base
  • Samcheok production baseSamcheok production base

Main tasks

  • 1Gas facility test-drive maintenance, operational maintenance, preventive maintenance, status diagnosisy
  • 2Gas facility life span extension and performance improvement construction
  • 3Facility improvement, inspection and maintenance of storage tank

Production Facilities

[Unit : Berth, unit]
Production Facility
CategoryBerthing facilityStoring tankHigh pressure pumpEvaporating gas compressorEvaporatorOutput capacity(T/H)
Pyeongtaek base2234314384,950
Incheon base2205812526,210
Tongyeong base2172910203,030
Samcheok base11212681,320
Jeju base12435120

Establishing status standard preventive maintenance system

To establish efficient maintenance system for LNG production facilities, the status standard preventive maintenance is practiced to predict the time of malfunction and to take proper maintenance before malfunction for economical and efficient maintenance which maximizes facility operation rate.

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