LNG Bunkering Technology

LNG bunkering is a series of process to inject LNG to LNG ships. Newly formed LNG market draws interests as the global environmental regulations are enhanced(IMO TierⅢ, ECA, EEDI, etc.), LNG-fueled engine technologies for ships are developed and more competitive price for LNG fuel is introduced. KOGAS-Tech is leading LNG bunkering technology developed for land/marine environment to enhance LNG bunkering EPC and O&M business for the future.

LNG Bunkering Technology Development for Island Area

  • Realizing LNG supply facility modulating design technology using 3D design technique that reflects the special nature of island area
  • LNG bunkering technology development for island area
  • Small-mid scale LNG supply facility O&M technology development through the first LNG marine transportation demonstration and LNG supply facility pilot plant operation in the country
  • marine transportation demonstration

Developing LNG Supply Technology for Eco-Friendly Dual-Fuel in Island Area

  • Developing optimized LNG supply facility design for MW dual-fuel in island area
  • Developing optimized small scale LNG plant operation system and IA/N2 supply module in island area
LNG supply technology LNG supply technology

Floating LNG Bunkering Terminal Design Technology

  • Developing FLBT Topside processing design technology and BOG re-liquefaction system that are operable in port areas in Korea and overseas
Floating LNG Bunkering Terminal design technology Floating LNG Bunkering Terminal design technology

Business Feasibility on LNG Bunkering for Ports in Korea and Overseas

  • Business feasibility analysis on LNG bunkering for ports with competitive price and optimal business potentials. The analysis is based on natural gas development status in North America, global demand trend for LNG bunkering, LNG demand in ports in North America.
  • Establishing LNG bunkering facility in Ulsan port, where the 3rd largest quantity of goods are transported in Korea; pre-analysis on business feasibility for LNG bunkering, service model and activation ideas.

Research Accomplishments

  • Site Demonstration of LNG Bunkering Pilot Plant in Island Area
  • Completed the First Demonstration in the Country of Marine Transportation and LNG Supply for Island Area
  • Securing Small-Mid Scale LNG Bunkering Engineering and O&M Technology
  • Review on Business Feasibility on LNG Bunkering in Ports in North America
  • Business Pre-Feasibility Study on LNG Bunkering for Ulsan Port

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